Cameron: on control – “Stigmatize infinite population fans like drink drivers”

10 Jul

Hope you're getting as much as me!

British prime minister David Cameron has spoken out about people who don’t believe in population control; by claiming:

“People who don’t promote the education of women as a means of a better society for all,  should be stigmatized just like drink drivers are”

A statement which echoed his speech last month when he called for absent fathers to be stigmatized.

During Wednesday’s PM’s, Q & A session he stated:

“With life expectancy virtually doubling in the last 50 years on these islands alone, how can anyone think that having babies when you are young is a good idea.

“There’s plenty of time for that, just luck at me!

“I’m a prime example of  a virulent British man and I’m in my 40’s, so there’s no need for any young woman to bear fruit early when there will always be someone around to service you – even if that means multiple partners for men like me! 🙂 rah rah rah

The Alpha male’s display came in response to fellow primate, Ed Milliband,  highlighting recent criticism of Sir David Attenborough’s conclusion to his lifes work :

– “Without controlling human population numbers – all environmental issues become impossible to implement” –

Which is being condemned by the Marine Consercation Society as they believe modern technology will soon be able to feed an infinite amount of people!”

The PM’s initial response was :

“It’s getting like deja vu this job; last month I had the military telling me we couldn’t afford to win the war on terror! and this month I’ll give the MCS a similar response – I’ll do the talking and you do the litter picking! Stick to the job you are paid for, otherwise there will be chaos!!

He then ended the debate early and to a round of applause, as no one could think of any criticism in his conclusion of –

“The education of women has to be the priority for every society to help aid every environment, then a majority of them will only have around 2 children when and where they want to – there’s so much to do in life before you are 30 – being a parent is for life –  not for the death of the planet!


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